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On-site Spit Braai Catering in Cape Town and the Surrounding Area

We are a catering company specializing in lamb spit braai. We also offer a variety of other meats, including pork, chicken, and beef. We can deliver the food already cooked or you can collect it yourself. Our prices are competitive and we offer a variety of packages to fit your needs.

  • High-grade lamb/pork Spit Braai prepared to perfection by a chef at your chosen venue or we can deliver your meal already cooked.
  • Carving, basting, and serving of lamb/pork/chicken with popular salad sides in catering trays.
  • Spit braai machines available for hire for your DIY event.
  • Options for delivery or collection of spit braai machines.
  • Option to request a quote for our catering services.

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Call us: 082 641 1373

Email us: info@spitbraai.co.za

Business Address – Address – Village Walk, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441

Our Services:

  • Lamb spit braai
  • Pork spit braai
  • Chicken spit braai
  • Beef spit braai
  • Spit braai equipment rental
  • Delivery

Our Specialties:

  • Lamb spit braai
  • Spit braai catering
  • Spit braai equipment rental
  • Spit braai delivery

At My Spit Braai, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional spit braai catering services for events of all sizes in Cape Town. With over a decade of experience, our team of certified culinary professionals ensures every event is memorable with our mouth-watering spit braai dishes, crafted using top-quality ingredients and advanced techniques.

About Us

Our Expertise and Commitment: Our founder, Chef Desmond White, a culinary arts graduate from the prestigious Hurst Cape Town Culinary Institute, has been awarded the “Best Caterer” title at the Cape Town Food Festival for three consecutive years. Our team, comprising seasoned chefs and event planners, is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with unmatched expertise and passion.

Our Philosophy: We believe in providing not just food, but an experience. Our dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients, ensuring quality and taste that surpass expectations. Our commitment to sustainability means we source locally and use eco-friendly practices.

Our Services

Comprehensive Catering Solutions: From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our services include full-service spit braai catering, complete with setup, cooking, serving, and cleanup. We offer customizable menus to suit dietary preferences and themes.

Our Specialties:

  • Traditional South African Spit Braai
  • Gourmet Braai with Premium Cuts
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Braai Options
  • Customizable Sides and Desserts

Technical Knowledge and Equipment: Our state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary cooking techniques ensure even cooking and perfect flavor. Our chefs are trained in advanced culinary techniques, including meat curing, seasoning blends, and slow-roasting methods that enhance the taste and tenderness of the meat.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Client Testimonials: “Best catering experience ever! The professionalism and flavor were beyond expectations.” – Jane Smith, Cape Town

Case Study: For the Cape Town Annual Gala, we catered for 500 guests, featuring a bespoke menu that included traditional and gourmet spit braai options. Our team managed the event seamlessly, earning high praise for both food quality and service efficiency.

Blog and Updates

Stay informed with our blog where we share the latest trends in catering, cooking tips from our chefs, and updates on our services. Learn how we integrate new culinary techniques and sustainable practices in our catering.

Contact Us

Get in Touch: Have questions or need a quote? Contact our customer service team at contact@myspitbraai.co.za or call us at +27 82 641 1373. Our office is located at 12 Village Walk, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441. Visit us to discuss your event needs.

Visit Us: Find us on Google Maps here.

Smooth Sailing

Our team is committed to making your event a success by providing professional and efficient service. We handle all complexities and complications, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. From birthdays to bachelor parties, team building events to cocktail events, we cater to a wide range of occasions.

Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policy: Read our privacy policy. Terms of Service: View our terms. Payment and Exchange Policies: We accept various payment methods and offer flexible exchange policies to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We continuously update our practices with the latest developments in culinary arts. Our chefs regularly attend workshops and industry conferences to stay ahead of trends and innovations.

Research and Development: We are dedicated to culinary research, experimenting with new flavors and techniques to enhance our menu offerings. Our team publishes their findings in industry journals and participates in culinary competitions, contributing to the broader culinary community.

We provide state-of-the-art services for every function, ensuring a seamless experience from booking to the day of the event. Our comprehensive preparations include everything from starters to desserts, ensuring that every aspect of your meal is covered. We use high-quality ingredients like baby spinach, feta, chickpeas, and olives to create flavorful dishes such as Greek salad, chickpea salad, and vegetable salad with vinaigrette.

We offer a variety of meat options, including lamb spit functions, and our spit braai company in Cape Town is known for its excellent spit braai meats. Our spit braai catering business has earned rave reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Our services include the provision of all necessary equipment, such as plates, spoons, bowls, and cutlery. We also take care of the cleaning, so you can focus on enjoying your event. Our team is dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hire a spit machine for a small event?
A: Absolutely! Our machine hire service is suitable for events of all sizes, including intimate gatherings and large-scale events.

Q: Do you offer catering services outside of Cape Town?
A: Yes, we provide spit braai catering services in Cape Town and the surrounding areas in the Southern Suburbs & Northern Suburbs like Durbanville, Milnerton, Brackenfell, etc.

Q: Can the menu be customized for dietary restrictions?
A: Yes, we offer customizable menu options to accommodate various dietary needs, including multiple salad varieties.

Q: Do You Offer Halaal Spit Braai Catering Services?
A: Yes, we offer customizable menu options to accommodate various dietary needs, including multiple salad varieties.

What Areas Do We Serve?

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