Corporate Events

We understand the needs of clients looking for stress free corporate catering. From the boardroom to a conference hall or the boss’s house, we can cater to just about any corporate event.

We offer delicious, hearty food with a relaxed and flexible approach. We can deliver full corporate lamb/hog roast package and salads through to desserts.

We offer catering throughout the year, in heavy rain (or blistering heat) we will roast outside and bring the meat inside for service. Rest assured, our rubbish will be cleared away discreetly and taken off site during and after the event.

mySpitbraai is available throughout the year. As long as there is space for our machine and our gazebo, we will roast meat in any weather. We will roast outside and bring the meat inside for service. Our lamb/hog roasts are increasingly popular for office Christmas parties and we are often fully booked in this period.

At mySpitbraai, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service, attention to detail and wonderful food. As well as mouth-watering lamb, hog and spit roasts, we can provide salads, pap & sauce, desserts, etc  …. whatever is required. Please call us to discuss the options and we will be delighted to put together a suitable corporate lamb/hog roast package for you. When considering the pricing for spitbraai services for a corporate event, factors such as the number of guests, menu selection, and additional services will influence the cost. On average, expect to pay on average R125 per person for a quality spit-braai experience that will impress your colleagues and clients.

Lamb Spit

Serves up to 40 people (depending on lamb size)

Lamb roasts are a speciality we offer to customers across Gauteng and are the perfect catering solution for smaller events of up to 40 people. Our lambs are slowly roasted on a traditional rotisserie style spit.
Our full lamb spit roast comes with a sprinkle of garlic and rosemary to compliment the high-quality meat. To further compliment your dish, we supply roasted potatoes.

Pork (Hog) Spit

Serves up to 120 people (depending on hog size)

Succulent hog roasts are our forte! From our whole hog which serves up to 60 portions, right through to our extra-large hog, serving up to 120 guests, you are guaranteed a mouth-watering hog roast slow cooked to perfection.
We will ensure that you are served the freshest and finest hog roast, accompanied by delicious sides of your choosing.

Roast Spit

Cater for any venue size

Pork loin or lamb loin roasts are the ideal catering option for events of just under 100 people. We specialise in making succulent slow cooked spit roasts. Whole spit roasts are generally a cheaper alternative to a traditional hog roast and cook quicker.
A spit roast is a perfect way to cater for a smaller party, ready to in just four hours, far quicker than a full hog. A spit roast allows us to serve a mixture of meats – lamb and pork – at the same time.


Cater for any venue size

A classic salad is always a delicious accompaniment to any hearty meal. We offer a selection of crisp and crunchy classic salads at great prices, and all our salads are freshly prepared. Complement your event and impress your guests with our selection of fresh salads. All our salads are subject to a minimum order of 40 servings and you can mix and match as you please.


Cater for any venue size

For those of you with a sweet tooth, we offer a range of scrumptious desserts to finish your event off in style.

Desserts are an easy, fun way to make your event just a little more unique. All our desserts are mouth-watering and perfect to round off your function.

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