Minimum of 20 Portions

For those of you with a sweet tooth, we offer a range of scrumptious desserts to finish your event off in style.

Desserts are an easy, fun way to make your event just a little more unique. All our desserts are mouth-watering and perfect to round off your

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Contains: Suger, flour, eggs, couloring, wheat

A delishious most Red Velvet Cupcake with cream cheese icing is the best way to finish off a good meal.

Fruit Salad

Contains: Kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, grapes (seasonal)

For the health concious we have a freskhly prepared fruit salad served after a wonderfull meal.  

Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Contains: Milk, sugar, eggs

For a more affordable alternative we suggest a ice cream and chocolate sauce, especially on those hot sunny days!


Our other specialities

Lamb Spitbraai

Serves up to 40 people (depending on lamb size)

Lamb roasts are a speciality we offer to customers across Gauteng and are the perfect catering solution for smaller events of up to 40 people. Our lambs are slowly roasted on a traditional rotisserie style spit.
Our full lamb spit roast comes with a sprinkle of garlic and rosemary to compliment the high-quality meat. To further compliment your dish, we supply roasted potatoes.

Pork Spitbraai

Serves up to 120 people (depending on hog size)

Succulent hog roasts are our forte! From our whole hog which serves up to 60 portions, right through to our extra-large hog, serving up to 120 guests, you are guaranteed a mouth-watering hog roast slow cooked to perfection. We will ensure that you are served the freshest and finest hog roast, accompanied by delicious sides of your choosing.


Complement your event and impress your guests with our selection of fresh salads.

A classic salad is always a delicious accompaniment to any hearty meal. We offer a selection of crisp and crunchy classic salads at great prices, and all our salads are freshly prepared.

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