Hog (Pork) Spit

Serves up to 120 people (depending on hog size).

Succulent hog roasts are our forte! From our whole hog which serves up to 80 portions, right through to our extra-large hog, serving up to 120 guests, you are guaranteed a mouth-watering hog roast slow cooked to perfection.

We will ensure that you are served the freshest and finest hog roast, accompanied by delicious sides of your choosing.

Our hogs, are raised on organic vegetable and cereal stock feed, while they freely roam the countryside. This ensures that the meat is tender and full of flavour.

Hog Spit Prices

Please note that the amount of people served is based on a “normal helping” of meat. Prices exclude salads & other extras

Package TypeIncludesServesPrice
Medium HogRoasted Hog with spit & roasted potatoes80-90R (TBA)
Large HogRoasted Hog with spit & roasted potatoes90-100R (TBA)
Extra Large HogRoasted Hog with spit & roasted potatoes100-120R (TBA)

How it works

As well as the main lamb roasts and hog roasts that most of our customers know us for, we also offer customers a variety of optional extras to complement your choice of meat.

While the weight of a Hog varies through the year, our average hog weighs around 40-kilograms. This allows us to serve 200-grams of meat per person at an event with 80 people.

We will arrive at your event 7 hours before the spit Hog roast serving time. Once your guests have arrived, we will carve and serve your guests with beautiful cuts of meat.

We also offer lamb loin roasts which are essentially a shoulder of lamb with the bone intact which imparts a distinct flavour into the meat. This option is suitable for small events as well and takes less time to cook.

To round the meal off we offer a range of optional extras, like salads, which are of course a great addition and perfectly suited to a lamb roast.


We arrive FOUR hours before serving at your venue premises.

Set Up

After our initial set up, the roast takes about 2 hours to be cooked on the spit roast.


It will take 30 minutes to cut the meat from the bone.


We recommend serving the roast straight from the Spit to keep it nice and warm.


After the meal is served, we clean and clear away, leaving you to enjoy your event.


We have a range of optional extras

Pap & Relish

Traditional Pap & Relish for the true South African

Traditional pap & relish goes with any spit and is always a favorite amongst our local South Africans.


Complement your event and impress your guests with our selection of fresh salads.

A classic salad is always a delicious accompaniment to any hearty meal. We offer a selection of crisp and crunchy classic salads at great prices, and all our salads are freshly prepared.


For those of you with a sweet tooth, we offer a range of scrumptious desserts to finish your event off in style.

Desserts are an easy, fun way to make your event just a little more unique. All our desserts are mouth-watering and perfect to round off your function.

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